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Blue Sky Organics is the trade name for Buffelshoek farm, a certified organic farm outside Vanwyksdorp in the Klein Karoo. We grow as our main crop various cultivars of olives, and supplement with chilli, herbs, garlic and vegetables. We have been certified organic since 2001.

Woman farmer Liz Eglington (Woman Farmer of the year in 2005) bought the farm in 1996 as a dusty dry desert. Sadly this is the state of much of South Africa’s farm land due to intensive and ignorant over grazing, and the over-zealous use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

The good news is that there is a strong move to rectify this imbalance globally and Vanwyksdorp is an excellent example of landowners living and farming sustainably.

The farm Buffelshoek is now an oasis of life, a glowing and verdant example of working with Nature and allowing the already existent incredible and intelligent natural eco-systems to heal and then operate, as they have known to do for billions of years. It is Liz’s passion to share the knowledge she has gained and studied over the 20 years, and she does this through the 3 main activities of the farm:

  1. Organic farming and compost making training at Blue Sky Organics farm
  2. Nursery of olive trees, herbs, fruit trees and indigenous trees
  3. Range of Blue Sky Organics products sold on the farm, in retail shops around South Africa and at festivals and markets.


1. Organic farming and compost making training at blue sky organics farm

On her journey of discovery (theory and practice), attending many workshops and trainings, and experiencing the healing of the land, eco-systems and her own body, Liz has accumulated a large body of knowledge, experience and resources.

The Training workshop is from 2 to 4 days depending on delegates needs.

  • The first 2 days explore how everything works together symbiotically- plants, soil, micro-organisms and other life in the soil. What SOIL is versus dirt and how we create healthy vibrant soil using compost, intercropping, companion planting, understanding soil PH and using no till methods. How to make compost versus mulch and how to do worm farming. Seeds and seed saving. Propagation of plants. The incredibly important role of micro-organisms and what they need in order to thrive.This segment is for those who want to grow their own healthy organic food and live sustainably. Compost is a critical component, yet most do not make compost correctly and so end up with “mulch” and not the humus that obeys the “law of Return” which supplies the soil and plants and micro-organisms with the nutrients and carbon essential for health.
  • The third day deals with Orchard farming. What soil mineralisation is. How to prepare soil and leaves for analysis and then to understand the analysis feedback/results.
    Trees take up many more nutrients than vegetables and so correct soil mineralisation is critical to healthy trees and orchards. We go into the soil minerals in more depth, and study the symbiotic relationships and ratios that cause imbalances if not understood and managed. Disease and pest management relies on balanced healthy  eco-systems and soil, and their presence is immediate feedback on imbalances in nutrients and stress.
  • The 4th day deals with the specifics of Olive farming. Pests and disease, irrigation, pruning, harvesting, value adding,

Delegates leave with a full training pack, and access to Liz via phone and/or internet for the following 12 months for follow up advice.

Do join us and be part of the Global shift to being Stewards of our land again.


2. Nursery of olive trees, herbs, fruit trees and indigenous trees

The farm has a well stocked nursery consisting of:

  • 5 cultivars of olive trees propagated in the propagation tunnel/facility on the farm, from their organically grown olive trees.
  • Various herbs used for companion planting, soil improvement, intercropping and compost making- to supply the diversity needed in a sustainable environment. Of particular importance are the herbs comfrey and yarrow which are great for all uses.
  • Indigenous trees
  • Variety of fruit trees grown on the farm
  • Variety of Garden plants- roses, succulents, various flowering plants etc to provide food for birds and bees and to please the eye.


3. Range of Blue Sky Organics products sold on the farm, in retail shops around South Africa and at festivals and markets

The Blue Sky Organics range of 23 products is extensive- a testament to the versatility of the amazing olive.

  • Of particular interest is the unique health range of olive leaf teas and olive leaf powder capsules. Olive leaf has been used for thousands of years and is proving to be a remarkable natural health product with much recent research stating it is a powerful antioxidant, with antibiotic, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Our olive oil is a blend using the 3 Italian olive oil cultivars we grow: Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina which give a grassy yet mellow taste
  • Our herbal cooking salt/seasoning is our best-selling product, for which we are very well known. It comprises of 6 organic herbs grown on the farm combined 50% with natural non-iodised unprocessed sea salt. A must for any cooking be it on a fire, in a pot or in an oven.
  • The other products are an interesting range of green and black stuffed olives, smoked, dried, various tapenade, delicious chutneys, seasoning sprinkles and plain olives for the purists.


Contact us

Phone: +27 28 581 2014 or +27 83 653 3635
GPS Coordinates: -33.758892, 21.463268
Address: Buffelshoek Farm, Olyvenrivier Valley, Van Wyksdorp, Western Cape, South Africa