Van Wyksdorp is a small rural village in the Klein Karoo of the Western Cape in South Africa. The nearest towns are Ladismith 45km (33km gravel), Calitzdorp 55km (52km gravel mountain pass), and Riversdale 67km (45km gravel). The population is around 800, many of whom are laborers employed on the farms around town. Because of its unique and special character Van Wyksdorp has attracted a number of very interesting, creative, successful, caring people from all walks of life, with many different viewpoints, who nonetheless all get along as a working caring community. Van Wyksdorp has recently been host to a very successful Jobs for Carbon project, where the indigenous Spekboom portulacaria afra has been replanted on 800ha to aid restoration of the degraded veld.

Often regarded as the undiscovered corner of the Klein Karoo, Van Wyksdorp remains a cultural kaleidoscope untouched by the modern hustle and bustle of city life. In contrast, tranquility abounds and time has almost stood still. Situated within the Cape Floristic Kingdom (an internationally recognized Biodiversity hotspot), Van Wyksdorp is ecologically rich in Succulent Klein Karoo biodiversity. This quaint little village provides a unique charm, warm character, and friendly residents. People from afar come here over weekends or permanently to breathe in the atmosphere of a living village. Young and old enjoy themselves while children still play safely in the few streets. The town provides almost stress-free living necessary in contrast with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. This superb location and inspiring lifestyle provide the cornerstones of healthy living, hence providing a soul-fulfilling and memorable experience, true value for money, and a rare opportunity to invest in an affordable property of distinction.

Many of the small farms practice organic and sustainable farming and living and are happy to share this way of life with other like-minded people.

A new initiative in town is the Van Wyksdorp Development Institute which will be built on land donated by a farmer in the area. The Institute will be a Skills Development and Training Centre for all residents of Van Wyksdorp and surrounding towns.

Find yourself in the Klein Karoo…


Van Wyksdorp is special in that there is so much to do but one can enjoy doing nothing just as much. It is a little piece of dirt for you to explore and leave your mark. Local farmers are inviting and engaging and many offer visitors the opportunity to witness farm operations, walk, hike and mountain bike on their properties. There are plenty of dirt roads leading to other interesting spots and one can head out and about for a day and still be in nature.


Take a walkabout town and you will see more than you bargained for. The town has a myriad of cultural gems in the form of old Karoo architecture and gardens.

Befriend the locals and hear about all the amazing things to see and experience in this beautiful little town.


From coffees, breakfast, lunches, and dinners to fine dining, Vanwyskdorp offers it all. There is even an opportunity to take some of the Klein Karoo with you in the form of preserves, olive oil, and olive product purchases.


One would think that shopping wouldn’t be on the agenda for a holiday in Van Wyksdorp, but with so many interesting things to see and bespoke crafts to buy, you’d be amiss not to check out what the town has to offer.


There are many small guest houses and self-catering establishments in and immediately around town and Rooiberg Lodge (about 12km from town) offers accommodation for larger groups. Each accommodation establishment shown on our website offers guests a different and unique stay.

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According to “The Cape of Good Hope Government Gazette No. 7986” the town was founded in 1897, on the farm Buffelsfontein.  At a church meeting held on 27th January 1904, the name Van Wyksdorp was proposed and accepted due to the over 200 residents, with the surname Van Wyk, living in the town and on surrounding farms.  Today the population of the village is about 800, of which a few direct descendants of Van Wyk can still be found. Throughout history, the inhabitants of the town have been dependent on the farming of fruit, sheep, cattle, and ostriches, enjoying the constant water output throughout the year, thanks to the mountain spring known as “The Eye”.

Once, during the years of the ostrich boom, Van Wyksdorp was the centre of education in the Little Karoo. The school, built in 1912, had at one time well over 200 pupils, who came in from all the surrounding towns. The railway links to Ladismith and Riversdale caused these towns to grow, whilst Van Wyksdorp slowly shrunk to its present state.